Calendar for 2024

Forthcoming events.
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Calendar for 2024

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2nd January - NO MEETING (Too near Christmas).

22nd January - Social Gathering & Meal at The Ridgeway Tavern, 76 The Ridgeway, Enfield, EN2 8JF. TBC.

5th February - Video of the 2011 Christmas Island DxPedition, T32C.

4th March - Spring Surplus/Junk Sale.

8th April - H.O.T.A. (Hut On The Air).
(NOTE. We are meeting on the 8th NOT the 1st)

6th May - NO MEETING (Early May Bank Holiday).

11th/12th May - Mills On The Air (MOTA), TBC.

3rd June - S.O.T.A. (Spinney On The Air).

1st July - Spinney On The Air (SPOTA).

5th August - Barbecue In The Spinney.

2nd September - NO MEETING.

21st/22nd September - Railways On The Air (ROTA), TBC.

7th October - Planning meeting for Jamboree On The Air, (JOTA).

19th/20th October - Jamboree On The Air (JOTA), TBC.

4th November - Planning Meeting for 2025.

2nd December - AGM (Election Of Officers, etc.